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4x4 Post Driver

PAD04 - Rental - Free Shipping

PAD04 - Rental - Free Shipping

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This is a rental-only purchase for a used/factory-serviced post driver. You will be charged the full price of the unit at checkout.  If the unit is returned to us in original working condition within 30 days of the initial purchase, you will receive a refund of $179.  We will cover the cost of shipping both ways. (E-mail us for a return label, continental U.S. only) 

If the unit is not returned within 30 days, the sale becomes final.

A pneumatic-assist post driver for building docks.  This device uses a pneumatic cylinder and compressed air for driving pressure-treated 4x4s (nominal 3.5" x 3.5" dimensions) into muddy, sandy, or clay bottoms of rivers, lakes, or ponds.

This unit takes most of the labor out of a labor-intensive job.  After your project is complete, you will look back and agree that this "tool" was worth every penny.

With a price point hundreds of dollars less than our competitors, this unit offers an exceptional amount of value. 

These units are in stock and usually ship the next business day.

Some assembly is required.

Requires a minimum of 60psi @ 2.5 SCFM

Comes equipped with a 1/4 Industrial Quick Disconnect Plug ready to attach to any standard air compressor.

Unit weight 26.5 lbs.

Customer service is our number one priority and we stand behind every unit that we sell.

This product is not intended to drive 4x4s into dry ground



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